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Our History

The story of how everything started.

We are Champion Up North, a Leeds based creative agency & marketing company.

Having formed in 2012 (?) with their original home at 'The Base' on **** the Champion Up North team decided to relocate, seeing huge potential of the The Old Red Bus Station and deciding to turn it into a thriving hub for the city’s creative impulses.

Situated in a historic old bus station in the heart of Leeds Northern Quarter, The Old Red Bus Station is a multi-purpose 4 roomed venue dedicated to arts & music.

The Old Red Bus Station’s heritage begins in 1963 where it served as a main hub between Manchester & Leeds as well as providing transport to the local community.

Standing derelict for 20 years, it’s renovation was completed by the team at Champion Up North who’s long standing connections in the music & arts community in Leeds gave them the perfect platform to launch their own events & arts space.