Project REBOOT


Part of the SAVE OLD RED campaign

Project REBOOT is a Leeds-wide creative project. We are asking for everyone to re-design a government Covid poster and change it to say something new. Posters will be printed and displayed on the Old Red Bus Station in Leeds to coincide with the easing of lockdown April - June 2021. Turning the venue into a huge message board and sending positive messages to the city through this transition.


 Goodbye Lockdown - EY UP Leeds! 

Get involved in a city-wide creative project and help Leeds say goodbye to lockdown.

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Background info: SAVE OLD RED

The Old Red Bus Station is one of Leeds most loved grassroots venues, with a DIY ethic, vegan canteen, bar, exhibition space, and underground club/event space. ORBS has been giving Leeds raw, cutting-edge music for over five years and continues to support local and new talent. 

Like many venues in the UK, ORBS had to close its doors due to COVID19. This thriving venue, usually full of creative activity has not been fully operational for a year. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and within the months of April – June 2021, the government plans the easing of lockdown. 

To support this transition, we want people to participate in a Leeds-wide art project. We need you to help us transform The Old Red Bus Station building into a 3D message board. By designing a poster with a positive message to the city that will be displayed on the building and in the local area in April.

Who can get involved? Everyone as long as you have a connection to Leeds.



We want you to take a government Covid information poster and change it to say something new. 

Transform a government poster and give it a new message for Leeds to support the city to come out of lockdown.

You can work with any poster you want, but keep an element of the original poster: you could use the same colours, some of the original text, you can change words around and change imagery, but keeping a sense of the original.

We are looking for: 

Positive messages to Leeds. These can be entertaining and funny or deep and meaningful - it is up to you!

We cannot accept any posters with offensive language or imagery, these will be immediately rejected and not used. These posters will be seen from the street by a varied audience including families and children, so your design must be appropriate to that audience. 

You can create your poster in a digital format or you can draw, cut, collage and hand-make your design.

We can send you a brief pack out in the post if you cannot make your design digitally. Send us a message with the number of participants and we will send out a pack with a paid return envelope.

The final posters will be involved in a series of exhibitions: A selection will be displayed on the outside of the Old Red Bus station. They will also be printed as posters and displayed in the local area, all designs will also be shown on our website.  

How to submit your poster:

Your finished poster can be submitted either online: Curatorspace

or you can send your paper design to us in the post.

Artwork format:

Paper submissions: post your A4 posters to:

Maz, The Old Red Bus Station, 104 Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS2 7NL


Digital submissions:

Please submit using the Curatorspace submission form.

Save your design as a PDF, minimum of 300dpi, size A2 with 2mm bleed, ideally save as a vector image, but not essential.

Please can you submit a portrait & landscape version of your design? There are a number of spaces and it gives more flexibility of where to exhibit (only applicable to digital submissions).

Deadline: post & digital submissions need to be received by us by12pm on 12 April 2021. 

covid_poster_5.jpg  download.png  Covid_poster_1.png





This project is funded by Leeds Inspired

Multiply: A New Design Competition as part of the Save Old Red campaign.

Winner gets a solo show at ORBS later in the year!

Deadline 25/01/21

The first of a series of online art events and projects that focus on supporting creative talent during and beyond Lockdown.

We are asking artists to design a slip mat, cassette inlay and/ or CDJ/ turntable skin responding to the theme MULTIPLY. Asking artists to consider their experiences of the pandemic and use this opportunity to 'speak out visually'. 

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Artnight is coming to Leeds

We're excited to welcome ArtNight to The Old Red Bus Station in June. ArtNight is an art event company which originated in Berlin in 2016 and has continued to spread all over Europe. They have brought their events to London, Manchester, Sheffield and now they're extending their creative experience to Leeds.

Their mission is to create fun, exciting events which bring people together while getting arty and allows an escape from our increasingly busy lives.

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Female Gaze - Exhibition

The Old Red Bus Station presents FEMALE GAZE: A Multi Media Exhibition. In celebration of

The Old Red Bus Station presents FEMALE GAZE: A Multi Media Exhibition

In celebration of International Women's Day FEMALE GAZE at The Old Red Bus Station will feature a visual array brimming full of Leeds’ female talent showcasing work by in demand local artists, such as illustrator and Leeds Arts University alumni Bobbi Rae, indie brand owner and designer The Prawn Shop, and a collection of LAU’s latest creatives. In celebration of International Women’s Day, this exciting multi media group exhibition will explore the diverse experience of being a woman, and seeing the world through a female lens through illustration, photography, painting and more! Showcasing women in all forms, big bad and beautiful feast your eyes on on the FEMALE GAZE!

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The Light Project - an exhibition of photography & graphics by Ewa Leszczynska

Opening night: November 7th 2018 from 6pm

Growing up in the rural area of Kuyavia District, Poland defined not only my character but also the way how I see the world as an artist. Open space, wide horizon, no streets, no street lights just pitched black nights filled with the quiet stars. Emptiness with a depth. The depth that with the time passing by I will fill with thoughts and images of my own Space of Lights.

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