The Light Project - an exhibition of photography & graphics by Ewa Leszczynska

Opening night: November 7th 2018 from 6pm

Growing up in the rural area of Kuyavia District, Poland defined not only my character but also the way how I see the world as an artist. Open space, wide horizon, no streets, no street lights just pitched black nights filled with the quiet stars. Emptiness with a depth. The depth that with the time passing by I will fill with thoughts and images of my own Space of Lights.

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Denouement - Collective exhibition

Opening night Friday September 28th, 6pm 
Open Tuesday-Saturday from 12noon-late until October 12th

Denouement - the outcome of a situation, when something is decided or made clear.
Denouement is an exhibition of works by a collective of Leeds based artists. The work in this exhibition explores beauty as an experience rather than a trait or concept. Touching on themes that arise when you think of that experience itself instead of the beautiful thing you are looking at. The name of the exhibition indicates the outcomes all the artists have submitted from exploring this topic in their own way.

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