Old Red Bus Station launches our new project 'The Walls'

At each event we showcase local artists, illustrators, designers and creatives to decorate our space.
As Curated by @pig_meat

Jemima Spens debuts her work in the venue on the 16th November for our monthly exhibitions.


"I am a 21 year old aspiring painter from Yorkshire, working in oil and acrylic paint, and taking inspiration from all areas of my experience. Some of my work depicts real life, and some is more conceptual, using symbolic and surreal images to project my thoughts and ideas about life. Art helps me understand myself and my surroundings, and by sharing it I hope to offer the same effect for others, or at least trigger a pause from the stress of daily life. My current aim is to continue working on my craft, sell prints, and hopefully continue to build and grow throughout my life."

Free Entry || Downstairs || Tuesday 16th Nov
The Old Red Bus Station, 104 Vicar Lane, LS2 7NL, Leeds