License To Jungle - The Third Birthday

Leeds' premier jungle event celebrates 3 years of proper jungle in the city.

Having welcomed an endless plethora of debuts to the city over the past 3 years and with a take on jungle that is uniquely their own, License To Jungle have proven time and time again that you don’t just need the big names to provide a quality event.

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A Champion Up North Guide...

Third Birthday Survival Edition
(Slightly more than) three years ago small Leeds based organisation called Champion Up North decided that opening a city centre bar, club, events and work space would be a good idea...

It wasn’t

It actually might have been. 

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The Old Red Bus Station turns 3

Three years of blood, sweat, tears (lots), turmoil, music, art, food, drinks, laughter, despair & misery and we're still here, providing you with a safe & cheap space to enjoy a drink and a dance and relishing (yes) our position as Leeds first all vegan canteen.

To celebrate this milestone we're pleased to be showcasing a variety events over the coming week, kicking things off by welcoming one of the names riding right at the forefront of electronic music, Djrum, to the venue on the 15th February.

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Introducing: Vegantines Day.

It's the happiest (if you're in a relationship) and saddest (if not) day of the year next week, and this Valentines day we're welcoming you in for a vegan, cruelty-free take on your classic valentines day. ❤️

Sound good? Yes it does.

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