The Perky Painter: Canvases and Prints Available at ORBS

Leeds artist Helen Gibson, professionally known as The Perky Painter, shared her strange world of entwined forms expressed in bold colours and textures in her first solo exhibition at The Old Red Bus Station.

The paintings explore Helen’s own feelings of connection and disconnection to life around her through intersecting, overlapping
forms, merging together, being both isolated and joined by strong lines.

perky painter exhibition canvas for sale

Vibrant colours and playful textures describe these entangled forms as they collide and connect on the canvas. Where they overlap, a new colour and texture is created, highlighting these connections and their positive impact. Through the series, this connection grows as the forms become even more entwined and indistinguishable.

perky painter exhibition prints orbs

Her distinkitive and unique silhouettes have been left behind at the station and are up for grabs!!! How lucky are you?

Prints start from just £9 and Canvases from £75