Cultural happenings at ORBS this Autumn


EY UP! Here at Old Red we are so much more than a club and the coming months boast a wealth of cultural, creative and fun events fitted to every taste!


Every Tuesday we host The Old Red Pub Quiz - a weekly themed trivia extravaganza bringing the glorious combination of booze, food, mates and good ol’ fashioned quizzical fun. Our upcoming themes include Old School Disney Channel, Louis Theroux, Harry Potter vs The Hunger Games and Friday Night Dinner to name a few.

We sign off each quiz with our signature ‘Slap Off’ as well as throwing in a few other crazy bonus rounds so why not grab a few mates and come down to ORBS to try your chance at winning a £50 bar tab?

Dates for the diary;

Louis Theroux Quiz- 29th October

Friday Night Dinner Quiz- 5th November

Harry Potter vs The Hunger Games Quiz- 12th November

Old School Disney- 19th November

Chick Flicks- 26th November

Open Decks:

Every last Wednesday of the month we welcome our friends at CUE DJ society for our Open Decks, giving you the chance to practice and experiment with CDJs and turntables on a full club system.

Come down grab a drink and network with a few other fellow DJs, producers, and promoters whilst spinning some tunes.

More info on our open decks can be found here.


The creative art scene in Leeds is thriving and there is no better way to immerse yourself in the creations of many up-and-coming local artists than at Old Red.

Alongside other cultural hubs in the city, Old Red will play host to some of the contemporary artworks produced for the exhibition Girl Space a one-day festival celebrating female creatives of all kinds.

On the 31st October, we host the opening night of the Tanith Mab exhibition, a Fine Art student at Leeds Art College, Mabs work is laden with existential narratives. Expect exemplary pieces bound with philosophical symbolism and dark humour.

Hailing from Swansea Bruce Risdon painting gives tradition figure painting a contemporary twist. Risdon’s is the driving force behind local classic rock night- The Strip which heavily fulled the alternative rock n roll culture elements evident in his work. A Slice of the Cake opens on the 28th of November.

Our very own Seren Oakley joins us just before Chrismas with her Plastic Hearts Exhibition, which promises live music as well as several new pieces from Seren herself.