Effectively Familiar - An exhibition of photography

art exhibition anne wyman

Anne Wyman & Daisy Petley

Opening Night: Wednesday March 28th from 5pm
Open Tuesday - Saturday from 12noon until April 20th

Regardless of where in the world you are there is always beauty to be found in the details of ones surroundings. There is an uncanny familiarity in architectural structures, regardless of cultural influence. Join us at Old Red Bus Station for our latest exhibition exploring familiarity through photography from two exciting emerging Leeds-based artists.

Anne Wyman

art exhibition leeds anne wyman

Anne Wyman is a freelance photographer based in Leeds. Her work exhibited at Effectively Familiar shows her adventures in Marrakesh last October, inspired by the incredible colour palette Morocco presents.


Daisy Petley

Daisy anne wyman

Daisy Petley is a Leeds based photographer, designer and artist, with a passion for all things beautiful and imperfect that fill our wonderful world. 

Having studied Art and Design at the University of Leeds, and recently graduated with a Masters in Advertising and Design, she understand how important visuals are in communicating a message, selling a product, or capturing a perfect moment. Daisy's artistic background has also heavily influenced her photographic style, where she not only makes her work visually intriguing, but even attempts to alter a persons perception of a subject.