Old Red Bus Station Xmas menu

We're firm believers that turkeys are for life, not just for Christmas! That's why so we’re seriously looking forward to offering up cruelty-free-festivities with our special (and totally unique) Christmas menu. 

We'll be serving three brand new mains, such as the (in)appropriately named Santa's Bulging Sack; turkey style seitan strips on a bed of shredded sprouts and bacon bits, topped with sage and onion stuffing, thick gravy and a healthy dollop of cranberry sauce. Its basically Christmas (barely) contained in a bun...

If that doesn't take your fancy, check out the Bah Humburger? Why not enjoy Boxing day before Christmas with a crisp bubble and squeak patty, fresh salad, horseradish and sweet crispy parsnip strips in a fresh bun?

Been good this year? Whether you're naughty or nice, we've got you covered with our Naughty List; two packed skewers with succulent roast parsnips, carrots, stuffing balls, crispy roast potatoes and topped with that crucial Christmas ingredient - a deep fried Brussel sprout. 

If that's not enough for you, all of the above are served with crispy fries with the option to drizzle them in glorious gravy. Hey, it's the holidays, you're allowed to be indulgent! 

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