Ziggy Stardust? Nah Piggy Stardust #VeganuaryatORBS


January is here, the time of year where everything seems bleak but here at ORBS we have one thing on our mind getting us very giddy about January.

Now obviously January is a time where we're all absolutely skint and determined to turn our life around with a brand new health-kick. Join us and add in some vegan goodness, and hey, January just might be alright afterall.

We love our vegan grub so we're very excited to get the ball rolling with this years Veganuary with some very exciting things coming your way over the month to help keep you motivated to join the Veganuary campaign.

We pride ourselves on being Leeds' first all vegan canteen and in the coming New Year we're now making everything vegan as we finally say no to cow's milk in all our coffees in the bar (Also, Oat Milk rocks, so yeah.)

We've also re-evaluated all our stock to ensure that all our wines, beers and spirits are totally vegan so you can enjoy Veganuary, as well as all year long, with us.

We know how hard it is making the transition from vegetarian to vegan so we've added some extras to our vegan menu to help keep those indulgences you'll crave throughout Veganuary. We're keeping our favourites on the menu with the classic Mac Got Fat, Hellfire Burger, Vebab and Faux Fish Butty but you can expect some brand new absolutely banging vegan delights including our loaded hotdog featuring chilli and jalapenos as well as a naughty Jackfruit burger with bbq pulled jackfruit and plantain. For all you meat-eaters giving Veganuary a go we'e got a vegan twist on a classic BLT featuring crispy tofu, or you can sink your teeth into a Faux Tuna Mayo sandwich and to top it off, get your hands on our brand new side dishes, Buffalo wings with a spicy handmade sauce and Cheese bites with a tangy salsa. See full menu at the bottom of the article.

Finally we'll be rounding things off with our Veganuary fair on the 26th January where we'll be welcoming stall holders selling ethically made produce across the venue, if you're an artist / creator keen to join in, send TORBS a message! Tables are £10 for the entire duration of the event.

More info here > Old Red's Veganuary Fair

On the 23rd we will celebrating all things soil grown with Lo & Vee and their vegetable inspired mosaic workshop. They will be bringing an array of your favourite veggie delights for your drawing pleasure. The workshop will involve studying the inside and out of your chosen veggie before using paper tiles to assemble a mosaic design inspired by your drawings. You can even take home the veg at the end of the session!'

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