Seitan? Hell Yeah!


We’ve all heard of Seitan. It’s a pretty big staple in the vegetarian and vegan world and if done right, it’s super tasty.

But what actually is it?

We’ve created a handy mini-guide to help you get your head around seitan and make you a pro during Veganuary.

Seitan, like tofu and tempeh, has been a staple in Asian cuisine for over a thousand years but the name itself wasn’t coined until 50 years ago in Japan. It’s made from mixing vital wheat gluten with herbs and spices (depending on what sort of dish you are pairing it with) and adding water, vegetable stock or sauces which again depends on the dish, leaving you with a doughy loaf.

It has the capacity to absorb a load of flavour making it super versatile and its texture is closely related to meat, meaning it’s an increasingly popular meat substitute.

Pro tip: the longer you knead the seitan at this point the meatier consistency you will be left with once it has been cooked, after that there are several ways to cook it.

Everyone has their own preferred method so have a look around online to find one that will leave you with a finished product to suit your perfect vegan meal. Although if you’re feeling a bit lazy, seitan has become such a vegan staple that it is available to buy ready-made and flavoured in almost any supermarket.

Oh and for you gym nuts worried about how you’re going to be getting in your protein, don’t worry it’s loaded to the brim with protein and low in fat making it a perfect meat substitute.

Seitan is one of our favourites here at ORBS, and we highly encourage you to get stuck in this Veganuary, and of course if you don’t fancy making it yourself, come down and get your hands on one of our delicious Hell Fire Burgers and see for yourself.