Pancake Day



This has creped up on us fast, but it's PANCAKE day on the 5th March and to celebrate this momentous occasion we're inviting you to come build your own flippin' delicious pancakes. Grab your stack of pancakes and add as many toppings as you wish, we won’t judge! Vegans rejoice, no sloppy pancakes at home this Shrove Tuesday.

Take your pick from a selection of toppings for 50p per option including:

Sliced banana // Maple syrup // Golden syrup // Vego chocolate spread // Strawberries // Whipped cream // Ice Cream // Lemon ‘n’ Sugar // Jam

Come feast, celebrate, and prepare for Lent (or just gorge yourself on fat stacks) at Cantina with some tasty vegan pancakes.

5th March // 18:00 - 20:00