Cantina Leeds launches it's new vegan summer menu for 2019

david hameron tofu burger vegan leeds

The days are now officially long, and whilst the weather isn't quite where we'd like it to be, we're celebratring the change in season nonetheless and switching things up once again, curating a brand new menu at Cantina, filled with classic favourites as well as healthier bites which celebrate seasonal summer ingredients.

Featuring variations on some of our Cantina favourites and a whole host of new additions we're pleased to introduce our new menu.

First up is 'Cluck Norris', a delicious combination of buttermilk fried "chicken" & rainblow slaw, with jalapeños and a sweet house hot sauce kick to match it's namesake.

cluck norris vegan leeds

Our saucy 'Moodonna' is up next and features a 'beefy' patty, smoked cheeze, fajita style peppers, pico de gallo & guacamole for a proper mexican lunch time punch.

With a nod to one of our previous PMs alleged oinky habits we bring you 'David Hameron' - A naughty mix of Tofu Baecon, BBQ pulled 'pork', beer-battered onion rings and crispy baecon bits.

'Fin Diesel' is one for the fake fish lovers out there, if if wasn't for the fact it was vegan you codn't believe it wasn't fish - Featuring Smoked 'Salmon', smoked cream cheeze, salad, cucumber, spring onion & chives and drizzled in thousand island sauce in a fresh sesame bagel.

Are you an Ex-cheese lover? Is it Brie you're looking for? Then this one's for you. 'Ellen DeCeddares' is rolling up next and comes complete with a Cashew Mac & Cheeze patty with mushroom mince chilli, pickles & burger sauce.

'Kevin Bacon' is next and what were you thinking was going to be happening here? Layered tofu baecon, sliced tomato, lettuce & garlic mayo - Nuff' said.

Summer sees a welcome return to the menu for our loaded hotdogs, with the all new and improved 'Piggy Azalea'! A loaded hotdog with cheeze, baecon, onions, lettuce, garlic mayo & ketchup! 

piggy azalia vegan leeds

Finally on our mains we see the introduction of something we've wanted on our menu for a hot moment - Introducing 'Jim Curry', featuring onion bhajis, mango and pineapple salsa, pickled red onions, salad and coconut raita served in a fresh bun. - Raaah!

On top of that we're adding in some healthier and lighter options, for those of you looking to tone those summer bodies;

• 'Over the Grainbow' – Spiced quinoa, roasted summer vegetables, rainbow slaw, smashed avocados and lime salad topped with sweet sesame tofu and a balsamic glaze.

• 'Holy Shiitake'! – Vietnamese noodle soup with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, shaved carrot and spring onion.

And for those of you craving the ultimate dad bod, you've not been forgotten;

• 'Cheesus Christ' – Creamy Cashew Mac and Cheeze topped with bacon bits, pickles and garlic mayo.

And finally, for those of you looking for a light snack and a pint, have no fear we've got you fully covered with this lot ready for your delectation; 

• Fries / Salt and Pepper Chips / Deep Fried Oreo Skewers / Beer Battered Onion Rings / Sticky Sesame Jackfruit Wings / Onion Bhajis with Raita Dip / Crispy Battered Garlic Mushrooms.

jackfruit wings vegan leeds

Available now from the bar, happy Summer snacking folks!

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