A Community Cantina Thank You


All of us at Cantina would like to say a huge thank you to the volunteers who made the Simon on the Streets Cook-Up possible. A week-ago today marked our first ever Community Cantina event, and we couldn’t have possibly asked for a better bunch to kickstart our journey. Together we were able to produce a great deal more nutritious food than we could have alone, accompanied with heartfelt notes of peace and love from the hands that made it. Simon on the Streets work tirelessly every day, to help those who need it the most throughout West Yorkshire, so we’d also like to say a big thank you to them. Not only for approaching us, as we were honoured to lend a hand in any-which-way we could, but for their endless hard-work and inspirational efforts to support rough sleepers and those at risk of homelessness in our county. We’re hoping 2018 brings many more opportunities to grow Community Cantina, and we’ll be looking to regularly work with a number of community projects throughout the city. 

Simon on the Streets are an independently run charity – meaning they’re not funded by the government or local authorities. This allows the group to work totally free from external policies, and without restrictions, but it also means contributions and volunteer help play an important role in their operation. If you weren’t able to make it to the cook-up, but you’d still like to lend a hand, you can learn more through the Simon on the Streets website. Just follow the link here: Simon On The Streets


Last, but certainly not least, we’d like to say thanks to Samantha Toolsie for her amazing snaps of the afternoon. She really managed to capture the warmth and positivity in the room through the photographs she took. You may have already seen them dotted around our social media channels, but if not head over to Toolsie Photography to check out Samantha’s amazing work.