How To Vegan - A Herbivores Survival Guide To Veganuary

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So, you’ve done it. You’ve made the pledge to see Veganuary out through ‘till February, and we think that’s awesome. However, like any kind of lifestyle change, we know it can be tricky as old habits truly do die hard. But that being said, we’re here to lend a hand with our little “How to Vegan” segments throughout Jan – so keep your eyes peeled for some insider knowledge from our own in-house herbivores.

Step 1 – Community Spirit
Becoming part of the wider vegan community is a great way to initiate yourself into the vegan lifestyle. Not only will you have a whole fresh batch of likeminded mates to help you on your journey, but you’ll also have a bunch of brains to pick. Trust us – they’ll certainly come in handy when looking for the best vegan-friendly eating spots in town or where to find cruelty free essentials. Facebook is a great place to find groups both nationally and locally. We even have our own little gathering spot on Facebook called Cantina Community where we can keep our V-gang up to date with exclusive news and chat all things vegan food.
Step 2 – Experiment
Veganuary is the perfect excuse to experiment in the kitchen. You can turn almost any of your favourite omnivorous dishes animal-free, you’ve just got to get the creative juices flowing. Swap-out meat for mixed beans to make a healthy and hearty spicy chilli. If you’re feeling a little naughty, replace your Saturday morning bacon-buttie for a smoky seitan strip and tangy salsa sandwich. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? As Leeds, first and original all-vegan eatery, Cantina had to get a little creative ourselves when putting together our menus. We didn’t want to the same-old stereotypical plant-based stuff – we wanted proper tasty vegan grub. Move over safe and boring snacking – Hello 5-Spiced Popcorn Tofu, Viking Chorizo Burgers and Crispy Buffalo Fried Seitan.
Boris The Broc Broc

Step 3 – Plan Ahead

Being a vegan doesn’t have to mean stuck for choice – it can mean quite the opposite really. But if you know you’re going to be heading out and about, why not plan ahead? If you’re visiting omnivorous friends and family try taking along a big batch of tasty vegan food for them to try. We all know sharing is caring, right? If you’re planning on visiting a new city then look to the web for a little helping hand. Websites such as Tripadvisor and HappyCow are perfect for scouting-out a takeout or scanning a menu before sitting down to eat.
Step 4 - Vegan Are Social Creature
You’re one of us now so you might as well see what all the other hundreds of thousands of vegans are up to. Social media is a great tool for keeping in the loop and staying inspired. Keep up to date with popular plant-based personalities on Twitter, load up your Insta-feed with the top Vegan hashtags and follow all the best Vegan pages on Facebook for an unlimited number of cool recipes and guaranteed food envy. You could even document your own Veganuary and inspire others to try it for themselves. Surround yourself with plant-based positivity and embrace the Vegan community you’re now a part of.
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