The Sunday Roast Shake-Up – Springtime Dates Announcement

Springtime Vegan Sunday Roast

Sometimes, change can be a good thing. Even when it comes to the old tried and tested methods such as the Sunday roast. Imagine this, once upon a time people just used to eat potatoes and carrots all naked. We know right, how did they survive such boredom? That was until some crazy maverick came along and discovered the blissful joy of drenching steaming veg in the dark rich gooey goodness of gravy. Wait, there’s more. What about when we thought we’d got this whole Sunday savoury thing down and some culinary pioneer whipped up the first ever batch of crispy Yorkshire puds? The game was quite literally changed forever. “#YORKSHIRE”

It’s these kinds of daring explorations into the unknown that’s blessed the human race with the apex of British culinary culture. “The” Sunday Roast. Then we decided to add our own little Cantina spin and conjure up The Sunday Roast 2.0. Completely vegan, free from any animal products, and friendlier to both us earthlings and mother nature herself. Now, whilst we’re not quite re-inventing the wheel here – we’ve decided to shake things up a little. Sam and the guys have been in the lab cooking up a whole bunch of new tastes and textures for our upcoming Sabbath day feasts. The inspiration for our new menu is Spring – so you can expect fresh seasonal flavours and an integration of veggies, herbs and spices that thrive when the sun starts to stay-out a little longer. Whilst Winter is all about cosying up on dark nights and warming the coals – Spring is a time of fresh air, rejuvenation and plenty of green.

Sorry if we’ve made you hungry – that wasn’t the intension (honest). Don’t worry though, we’ve got three Sundays lined-up for the next two months so you’ll not have to go hangry. We’ll be opening the big double-doors on Vicar Lane for the herbivores of Leeds on March 25th, April 15th and April 29th. As per usual you can grab a table online here, message us on Facebook, or give us a call on 0113 345 4390. Please note: we will not be able to answer the phone on Easter Sunday. Everyone will be stuffing themselves with chocolate (dairy free) and our mums said it’s rude to speak with a full mouth.

See all you spring lambs soon,

Love Cantina x