Introducing Dark Woods Coffee - our proper Yorkshire supplier of ethical beans

After spending much time brewing, tasting and comparing coffee from a bunch of great suppliers, we’d like to officially announce Dark Woods Coffee as our new brew. Not only are they a local Yorkshire troupe, but they’re firm advocates of using exclusively ethically sourced beans - developing strong relationships with their growers going back years.

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(Image: Dark Woods Coffee)

Just a small team, the trio can be found nestled on the edge of Huddersfield’s moorlands - fore-filling a passion for roasting beans in their renovated mill. Together, the guys have an extensive history in coffee that far stretches the reach of the average cup-of-Joe lover. Including everything from leading roasting duties for some of the most sought-after accounts in the country; to providing barista training for huge international companies and running charities to support coffee farmers. It’s safe to say the hearts of these guys truly beats for their craft.

Noticing that the North’s coffee industry was in much need of some tender loving care, they decided to come together and set up shop in the unlikeliest of places. Their aim was simple; roast coffee that can be enjoyed by the general public and impress specialist coffee connoisseurs in the same cup. They seek to be “inclusive” rather than “exclusive”, which is exactly what you’d expect from a home-grown Yorkshire venture like Dark Woods.

Dark Woods Coffee

Our expert panel of tasters (okay, well, us guys in the office) have decided we should stock the Crow Tree Blend – a coffee rich in dark chocolate flavours that won a One-Star Gold in the Great Taste Awards 2017. Not only that, but the trio source the beans for this particular blend via Café Femenino Foundation, a non-profit independent organisation seeking to empower women in remote coffee growing regions throughout countries such as Rwanda, Bolivia and The Dominican Republic. Foundation volunteers tirelessly fundraise throughout the year to help support women coffee farmers, along with their families and surrounding communities. Crow Tree Blends’ origins lie in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.


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(Image: Cafe´Feminino)

Dark Wood’s un-wavering support for ethically sourcing their ingredients is something we truly admire – and was also one of the reasons we felt so drawn to working with them.

But, don’t just take our word for it. Let our new head-barista AJ brew you one up and help support a great cause all at the same time.

AJ Coffee