New season, new menu

Proper vegan grub from The Old Red Bus Station

Cantina is our in-house kitchen, aiming to bring a new take on vegan food in Leeds. The city’s first all-vegan canteen combines an ever-changing menu of innovative diner munch and naughty junk food - All without any animal produce.

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The Sunday Roast Shake-Up – Springtime Dates Announcement

Sometimes, change can be a good thing. Even when it comes to the old tried and tested methods such as the Sunday roast. Imagine this, once upon a time people just used to eat potatoes and carrots all naked. We know right, how did they survive such boredom? That was until some crazy maverick came along and discovered the blissful joy of drenching steaming veg in the dark rich gooey goodness of gravy. Wait, there’s more. What about when we thought we’d got this whole Sunday savoury thing down and some culinary pioneer whipped up the first ever batch of crispy Yorkshire puds? The game was quite literally changed forever. “#YORKSHIRE”

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