Introducing, Dub-a Grub Dub - Positive Plant Based Riddims

Good grub always tastes even better with great music. That’s just a fact of life. 

So, embracing this universal knowledge, one of our own Chefs and dedicated member of Leeds sound-system culture, Jim Two-Eyes, stirred up his own concept - DubaGrubDub.

Mixing up the innovative and soulful plant-based cooking of Cantina, with the uplifting Dub and Dancehall riddims of Two-Eyes Sound.

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Leeds Restaurant Week at Cantina

We all know how good Leeds is for grub, don’t we? The city has everything a foodie could wish for – cuisines inspired by every corner of the globe, and eateries of all shapes and sizes. There’s an abundance of places to sit down and tucker, from posh-nosh fine dining restaurants to quaint little indies like ourselves. The past year has also seen more and more herbivore friendly joints pop-up across town, which is another reason to celebrate our very own food scene. This is all where Leeds Restaurant Week comes into play.

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Vegains - Essential Plant-Based Proteins

Protein – we all gotta get it, some of us are even obsessed by it. But why? Well, essentially protein is the building blocks behind each muscle in your body and plays an important role in the health and wellbeing of all creatures. How much protein you need to integrate into your daily diet depends on how active you are and whether or not you’re still growing. In the western-world most folk typically seek out their daily dose through meat, eggs and dairy, but we’re here to tell you there’s another way. Here’s a run-down of 4 of the best plant-based proteins to help you achieve those ve-gains this Veganuary.

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Recipe - Apple, Walnut and Ginger Chocolate Brownies

Something gooey, healthy (for a chocolate brownie) and delicious for those January blues, this recipe uses organic raw cacoa which is a powerful antioxidant; preventing aging and cell death and is fantastic for mental well-being as it increases serotonin levels in the brain and stimulates the release of endorphins, creating euphoric feelings and generally making our minds feel amazing.

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Tofu Tips & Tricks

Tofu really is tough to beat. Not only does its light taste and texture make it infinitely versatile – but the soy-based staple is a great source of amino-acids, iron, protein and calcium to keep the V-Gang going strong. For every 100g you cook-up, you’ll be winning yourself 8.2g of protein for your bones and body at only 70kcal. Pretty good, right?

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