LTJ Residency: 5 minutes with Digital...Part 2

digital funtion records


Ahead of part 2 of our Function Records residency sessions on the 17th November, we sat down for 5 minutes with label head Digital, to chat about his forthcoming material, tracks that are rocking his world and his ever progressing Function:al sessions.


LTJ: Hi Steve, thanks for taking the time out to talk to us today, we last spoke back in April around the time of your ‘In The Lurch’ release on Metalheadz. What’s been happening since then?

Digital: Since the last time we spoke I’ve released a collab EP with Nomine on his label, Nomine Sound, a 12 on Commercial Suicide with Dj Flava and “Water Bucket” EP on Function Records. I’ve been djing and making beats as usual and I’ve just finished a little 12/13 track project for March next year.

LTJ: It’s not long until your next release ‘Strictly DnB’, which we can’t wait to drop! There is a serious old school feel to it, yet the production still sounds fresh. Were there any specific influences behind these tracks, or reasons for making them sound the way they do?

Digital: It’s my version of Jungle. I never have a particular reason or idea for a track but I do have a feeling for the type of vibe / mood I want to make… I was in ragga jungle mood for sure on this one.

LTJ: You’ve recently moved to Bristol, known for its diverse art-culture and vibrant music scene. What made you choose Bristol? Has being in these new surroundings affected your music or work flow?

Digital: I’ve only just moved here so my workflow has been rubbish because I have many boxes to unpack haha - I’m gonna have an amazing workspace for the first time so I’m pumped about that.

LTJ: You play in the North frequently. Do you have any specific connections to the D&B and jungle scene up here and do you find there are differences in a northern crowd compared to playing in somewhere like London?

Digital: I’m a big fan of the northern vibe in general as I always have a good time there. Response is an artist I work with and talk to a lot and I’m a big fan of Djinn and her night Formless plus I feel like a part of the amazing work she’s doing.

LTJ: Your Function:al Sessions have been a huge success online and have led to Function tours and shows springing up everywhere, talk us through how this started and how are you seeing these progressing in the future?

Digital: It’s something I’m taking seriously. I won’t say too much about my plans now but I’m working on getting the right facilities in a building on my premises to make the Function:al Sessions run proper!

LTJ: And finally the top 5 tracks you’re looking forward to dropping this coming Friday?

Spirit - Murderer

Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Ouija

Digital & John B - You & Me

Benny L - Summoned

Goldie - I Think Of You - (Digital & Spirit Remix)

We welcome Digital back to License To Jungle on the 17th November, for more information join the event here -