Two Truths & a Lie: Sami & Pol

Two Truths & a Lie: Sami & Pol

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In preparation for the Tech House party that is An Old Red Bus Session on Saturday the 2nd of December, we caught up with the nights 2 special guests: Sami Guizani from Calypso & Amnesia Ibiza resident Pol Piella!

Instead of an everyday generic interview we decided to play ‘Two Truths & a Lie.’ For those that don’t know how the game works, Sami & Pol will each take it in turn to say 3 statements, 2 will be true and 1 will be a lie. It is then up to the other person to guess which statement is a lie…

1.) Name 3 DJs you’ve supported.

SAMI: Ok so, Solardo, Latmun, Patrick Topping.

POL: Hmm.... Topping!

SAMI: Yeah man I’ve not supported him yet, I am next month though!!


POL: Marco Carola, Oxia, Carl Cox.

SAMI: Well I know you’ve supported Carola so it’s between the other 2... I guess the lie is Carl Cox?

POL: Yeah! I supported Marco & Oxia at ‘Music On’ afterparties a couple of times, but never the boss!

2.) Name 3 venues you've played at.

SAMI: Mint Warehouse, Lightbox London, Mint Club.

POL: I’m 100% sure you've played Mint Warehouse & not sure you've played Lightbox but I am going to guess Mint Club?

SAMI: Correct! At Lightbox I played b2b with Rickie DH last year, Mint Club is the lie! Hopefully tick it off soon though.


POL: Amnesia Ibiza, Sankeys Ibiza, Egg London.

SAMI: Right so I know you’ve played Amnesia, I’m guessing you’ve played Sankeys as you live in Ibiza, so the lie is Egg?

POL: Yeah man!!! Played Sankeys 2 years ago & Amnesia was pretty obvious since i've been one of the residents for two seasons now. Never played Egg though.

3.) Name 3 labels that have inspired you the most.

SAMI: Knee Deep in Sound, Suara, Defected.

POL: Knowing you I know you love Hot since 82 & Knee Deep. But I would say you're more a fan of Suara than Defected, so i'm going to say Defected is the lie?

SAMI: Perfect logic! The first 2 are my absolute favourite labels. With Defected, even though it’s a legendary label I’ve not taken too much inspiration from it. Good answer.


POL: Drumcode, Moan, Roush recordings.

SAMI: Right so I know you’re a Moan fanboy, which leaves 2... Guessing the Spanish connection for Roush, so the lie is Drumcode??

POL: Correct! I am indeed a Moan fanboy. I download every release haha. I love all the stuff on Hector Couto's label and, even though Drumcode is legendary & I admire it a lot I just don't play that much techno.

4.) Name 3 items on your drinks rider.

SAMI: Vodka, Lemonade, Rum.

POL: Well I have bought a fair few Vodka Lemonades for you, so I know Rum is the lie hahaha!

SAMI: Very true!


POL: Mine are trickier mate: Estrella, Rum, Fruit Juices.

SAMI: Right so I’ve had to get you that Estrella crap when you’ve played Calypso in the past so I know that’s true, I guess you need the Rum to actually get you pissed as Estrella won’t do the job. So I guess the fruit juices is a lie?

POL: Aha!!!!! I actually hate Rum. I know Estrella is awful hahaha but its a cultural thing, I guess its my chorizo genes mate haha!

5.) Name 3 Artists who have inspired you the most.

SAMI: Latmun, Patrick Topping, Joseph Capriati.

POL: Alright so, I know you and Joe (Latmun) have a bromance so i believe it has to be him, Capriati is just a king so i'm gonna say Patrick is the lie?

SAMI: Wrong! To be fair this was a hard one. Its Latmun & Patrick I’ve taken the most inspiration from out of anyone by watching them blow up the past few years & attending hundreds of their gigs. So Capriati is the lie. As much as I love watching him play he mainly plays music I’d never get to play, so I’ve not taken that much inspiration from him, as such. Still a king though!


POL: I’m going to say: Neverdogs, Joey Daniel, Sam Paganini.

SAMI: Right so I know your favourite artist is Joey Daniel so that rules one out… I’m going to say Sam Paganini for the simple reason that he plays a lot harder techno than you play, whereas you play pretty similar to Neverdogs and Joey Daniel, like how I play more like Patrick and Latmun than I do Capriati... that’s my logic anyway! So Sam Paganini is the lie?

POL: Yeah you guessed it! Neverdogs & Joey are my favourite DJs & they really have defined the kind of music I play now. I really rate Sam & think his sets are absolutely outstanding but he doesn’t play that much techno so he was the lie. He’s a really sound guy, I remember having a conversation with him and drinking shots in the terrace in Amnesia at like 7 am while Marco was playing!

6.) Name 3 of your favourite tracks to play when you’re last on the bill and closing the event.

SAMI: 'Denis Sulta - It’s Only Real', 'Cafe Del Mar - Energy 52', 'Leon Vynehall - It’s Just'... Here's a clue: I love all 3 tracks and I play them all, but one of them I would never play in a closing set...

POL: Alright I know you would definitely play 'Energy 52' & 'Its Just' in a closing slot. 'It’s Only Real' is an absolute banger so I assume you would play that in a headline slot. So I guess that’s the the lie?

SAMI: Oooooh wrong way round. I see 'It’s Just' as a sort of 12am-1am time track, but 'It’s Only Real' is one of my best closing tracks as it’s a proper hairs on the back of your neck sunrise kind of tune! 'It’s Just' was the lie man.


POL: 'Romanthony - Trust (Kerri Chandler Dub)', 'Denis Sulta - L.A. Ruffgarden (Terrace Mix)', 'Midland - Final Credits'.

SAMI: Right, 'Final Credits' I almost included myself so that one has to be true... The other 2 are both wicked tunes but applying the same logic you went with for my statement I say Sulta is the lie

POL: Hahahaha no! See for me 'L.A. Ruffgarden' doesn’t have a peak time sort of vibe, its more of a closing one. Whereas 'It's Only Real' is an absolute dancefloor killer. So my lie was Kerri Chandler because its something I would play at peak time.

Right then, you both scored 4 points each with your guesses! I can see why you both work very well playing B2B, those were some great answers. Big-ups to both of you for playing!

Head over to the Facebook event for full information here:

I'll see you both at The Old Red bus Station on Saturday the 2nd of December!