5 minutes with Cool Hand Flex

Cool Hand Flex leeds drumandbass

Ahead of the next installment of License To Jungle XL, with Annix and Cool Hand Flex headlining, we found 5 minutes to chat with with the latter about his past, present and his future schedule.

LTJ: Talk us through your initial influences and how you to get involved with sound system culture and DJing?

Flex: When i first started playing records is a little time after my mum passed away and ended up living with my dad. I also had my brothers around from time to time who were involved with jah youth sound system.

LTJ: In terms of production, you had an early engineer residency at De Underground Records. How did this job come about? Did it naturally progress into a career as an engineer?

Flex: I first started out working with artist such as Bug Kann and the Plastic Jam (Made in two minutes) a crew called Sudden Impact (Reel2Reel) with Uncle 22, DJTek, Lenny De ice and Asides.

I started composing music and playing on pirate radio before my brother opened the record shop (mike underground) it only made sense to use the premises for studio as well because around that time i was also collaborating with other producers and vocalist such as MC Fats, DJ hype, Randall, Uncle 22, Lenny dee ice, DJ Pooch, Swan E and Asides. I also started releasing stuff on other labels like Subbase & Reinforced records.

You and Randall go way back. How did your involvement with Mac II Recordings first start?

After the record shop finally closed down myself and randall got together in the studio to create the first Mac 2 release.

Randall made the label happen with his connections. We upgraded on equipment as well.

You have been releasing music for years now, ‘Must Feel’ is a personal favourite of ours. Are there any early producers that influenced your productions? Which producers are you really feeling at the moment?

Early producers i would say who influenced me are artists like A Guy Called Gerald & Todd Terry. At the moment i'm feeling producers like Bladerunner and Benny L.

You’ve been around the block a few times, DJing up and down the country and worldwide. What is your favourite place you’ve ever played a DJ set and why?

Lifeline in Germany the crowd know how to party all night till the end over there.

We’ve been seeing a fair few new tracks popping up on Soundcloud, any plans for releases in the near future?

It's all in the pipeline at the moment but i've been sending certain djs some testers. I Am currently working on something with mc fats for a mac 2 release at the moment.

And finally, what are the top 5 tracks you’re looking forward to dropping here on the first?

Cool Hand Flex And & MC Fats - Gatts

Cool Hand Flex - Darkside

LJ High - Magic

S.P.Y. - Transmission

Benny L - Low Blow

We welcome Cool Hand Flex to License To Jungle on Friday 1st of December, for more information join the event here: https://goo.gl/fx5bX4