The Backyards Top 10 Garage Bangers

Backyard garage leeds

With origins growing from both here in the UK and across the Atlantic, specifically at the seminal New York City nightclub Paradise Garage, Garage has and still has strong roots in much of today’s electronic music.

Heavily influencing modern day artists, both commercial and underground, such as Dizzee Rascal, The Streets and Ms. Dynamite, Garage has inspired generations of musicians and vocalists, even coining multiple subgenres like bassline and grime.

The sound has roots that are perhaps strongest in the UK with the emergence of UK Garage being most prominent during the 1990’s, so here, ahead of the return of Backyard on the 20th January, we have picked our 10 favourite UK garage tracks (with one exception) for your aural pleasure. 

The Club’ by Ghost - 


A cult garage classic. Collectors will need to shell out over £50 for a copy!

Lost In Vegas’ by Some Treat -

Another two-step choice with a retro vocal.

'Rip Groove’ by Double 99 -


Probably the most obvious choice here, this is a peak time dance floor track still hammered today by DJs across several genres and a world worth of dance floors.

‘Masterplan’ by Groove Chronicles -

A more recent but still highly in demand piece from the wonderfully named Noodles and El-B.

‘Destiny’ by Dem 2 -

2-step niceness from the pioneering UKG duo Spencer Edwards and Dean Boylan.

‘Gunman’ by 187 Lockdown -

We thought it only fair to include a garage track from the US in this list and who is more deserving to be here than 187 Lockdown. This particular number features a sample from the movie A Fist Full Of Dollars, which Ennio Morricone produced the soundtrack for.

‘Over Here’ by M Dubs -

M-Dubs white label from 1998.

‘Hyperfunk’ by Antonio -

This track has recently been re-worked for Slapfunk Records, however this is where the vocal hook originally came from. Check the remix by Samuel Deep for a more up to date slammer!

‘I Refuse' (Industry Standard Club Mix)’ by Somore -

An arguably cheesy but still hugely danceable track featuring an insatiable brass hook.

‘Inside Your Mind' by G.O.D -

The iconic G.O.D imprint features a bunch of great releases by Jeremy Sylvester and Mikey Millrain, however this debut release for the label is the only one produced by Grant Nelson & Simon Firmin.

Expect to hear a whole host of these to be dropped as we kick off The Backyard residency on the 20th January!