Witch residency: 5 minutes with Lurka

Lurka Witch techno leeds

Lurka emerged from the wake of Dubstep in the 2010s and has been steadily putting out impressive releases since. He has worked with esteemed Bristol imprints Timedance and Black Acre, as well as his own Fringe White label.

His sound is, like his contemporaries, a hard to pin down mix of Techno, Dubstep and everything in between. Ahead of his appearance at Witch, we sat down with Lurka to chat about his musical background, influences and what we can expect from him in the future.

What is your earliest musical memory?
My Dad banging The Smiths and The Buzzcocks whenever we were in his car / Mumz dropping that Michael Jackson heat in her car.

From the outside, Bristol seems like such a unique place. It punches well above it's weight in terms of musical output. In the wake of dubstep so many great labels and artists have come about and are constantly collaborating, remixing and releasing fantastic records. What is it about Bristol that sets it apart from other citites?
I guess because of it's heritage and the diverse potential it offers serves to attract musical and creative types from around the globe who come here and produce great stuff which inspires the next generation to come here and so becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of underground dance music! I don't know whether it's actually any easier or better to do nights and perform here but it seems that there are a lot of people trying to make a go of it here (and succeeding) which is great!

Any hot tips for upcoming artists we should know about?
Via Maris, he's got some seriously great music waiting to come out!

Anything exciting coming up on your Fringe White label?
Constantly working on things towards that, just want it to be the right music. So whilst it's been sporadic so far, it's always in the back of my mind. There will be more.

What is your favourite place to play in the UK and why?
So many great places I can't really pick one, but I do have very fond memories of the old downstairs of The Exchange on Old Mkt in Bristol. It was a small dark room underneath the main part of the venue. Young Echo used to do their nights there and we did a couple of Hotline things there too, it was a super vibey spot! Even saw Rashad (RIP) and Spinn play there back in the day! Really sad to see that place go, had a lot of fun there!

What's next for Lurka?
Releasing more music ?

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