Dillinja - The top 10

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The License To Jungle crew present their top 10 favourite Dillinja tracks ahead of his the 14th September 2018.

Ahead of License To Jungle‘s largest event to date on the 14th September where they’ll be joined by Valve Recordings boss Dillinja, Klute & Ant Tc1 we asked their residents to present us with ten of their favourite tracks by the bossman Dillinja.

Dillinja - Unexplored Terrain (V Recordings - 1997)

The first of a few on Bryan G’s infamous V Recordings is Unexplored Terrain.

Punishing low subs, a warping mid-range, squelchy acid and those ethereal pads in the break make this a thumper of the highest order.

Dillinja - Light Years (Prototype - 1996)

On Grooveriders ‘Prototype’ under his Cybortron alias, Light Years was as it’s name suggests - Light Years ahead of most of the music of it’s time.

Teasing you with an intro that belies the chaos it unleashes after the first drop, this one’s not for the faint of heart.

Dillinja - Silver Blade (Prototype - 1997)

When it comes to stone cold classics, they don’t come much bigger than this one.

Innovative & forward-thinking, this is a brutal amalgamation of subs, drums & reeses which when combined with that infamous Vangelis sample from BladeRunner, means this one will forever stand the test of time.

Bjork - Cover Me (Dillinja Remix) (One Little Indian Records - 1997)

Taken from Bjorks second LP “Post” - Cover Me got the Dillinja treatment in 97’, turning a sombre downtempo and slightly atonal record on it’s head.

It’s a fairly simple affair on this one, this one with a steppy beat rolling almost 2 minutes before it fully kicks in with muted subs and stuttered breaks.

Dillinja - The Angels Fell (Metalheadz - 1995)

It’s hard to name any respectable artists discography in the world of Jungle & DnB without mentioning at least one record that’s on Metalheadz, in this case - The Angels Fell.

Jazzed up but muted horns on the intro and tiny teases of filtered reese bubble along before giving way to a minimal amen assault that’s still hard to beat.

Dillinja & Mystery - Deep Love (Logic Productions - 1994)

The oldest record on our list from the earliest days of Dillinja and probably the only one here that can be described as “tranquil”.

A beautiful hybrid of minimal vocal licks, expert drum programming and guitars.

Still sounding fresh, not bad for a track that’s now approaching 25 years old.

Dillinja - Hard Noize (Test Recordings - 1998)

As true as it’s namesake, Hard Noize is a wicked combination of hard amen breaks & distorted bass which causes devastation on the right sound system.

Dillinja - Promise (Metalheadz - 1997)

The second from Headz on our list and one taken from the legendary platinum breakz series.

Utilising a fantastic and minimal sample of Sade, this one drops in and out of ambient breaks into dark subby heaven with such ease it almost defies convention.

Mood switching at it’s very best with a second drop that will destroy a soundsystem.


Capone - Tudor Rose (Hardleaders - 1999)

Never leaves the bag of LTJ’s Northern Scum and still on regular rotation after nearly 20 years, Dillinja providing his trademark heaviness under his Capone alias.

Capone - Friday (Hardleaders - 1999)

Similar to Tudor Rose, if you’ve ever seen DJ SA play on a Friday night it’s an absolute certainty that you’ll have heard this one. A seminal piece of music from the master and one you’ll definitely be hearing on the 14th.

Catch Dillinja, Klute & Ant TC1 alongside a wealth of local talent on the 14th September.

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/233677280802542/
Tickets: http://bit.ly/LTJDILLINJA