Other submissions

We received some amazing submissions for the Multiply competition. With  over 20 entries and a very high standard of work, we were faced with a real challenge to choose a winner. Here are some of our favourite submissions.



My contribution to the “Save Old Red” campaign includes the design of a slip mat. I explored the theme of ‘Multiply’ both literally and conceptually whilst visually exploring my experience throughout the pandemic. My experiences with the pandemic (like many) have been tough, and one of the things I miss most about ‘normal’ life is dancing! Dancing out in clubs especially. I portrayed this with the illustration of trainers which I made into a 3D effect. I wanted this to be perceived almost as if it were a warped reality, as dancing in clubs is just out of our reach at the moment. To put the theme ‘Multiply’ into play, I used a DNA molecule to represent Covid which I then repeated several times as my background layer. To add texture I placed in a grid effect. My signature artist colours tend to be pinks and purples, hence the main background colour.

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