REBOOT Poster Project

Take a government Covid poster and change it to say something new…

To celebrate Leeds City centre reopening and the end ​of lockdown we ran a poster project and asked Leeds artists and residents to take a government covid poster and change it to say something different and to send a positive message to Leeds.

We were overwhelmed with the response to our call out and received over 48 designs which were printed as banners and posters and displayed around the outside of the Old Red Bus Station, turning the building into a 3D message board to Leeds and passers-by.

We held the exhibition launch on the 29th of April with lots of artists and guests who joined us to celebrate.

After a difficult year with no events, we wanted to shine a light on the Old Red Bus Station and as part of the ongoing Save Old Red campaign. Reboot was designed to keep us active and relevant within the creative industry and enabled us to continue to provide creative opportunities in Leeds within such a difficult period.

The idea was to use one of the government instructional/ directional posters that have surrounded us through Covid and to change them and design a new message that would simply make us laugh, or help us all feel positive about the future. A visual transformation, taking something we perceive as a negative and changing it to a positive.

Submissions were so varied and thoughtful, from professional graphic designers and students and residents who all have a connection to our city.

 The outdoor exhibition will continue until the 14th of May and then it will be available indoors from the 17th of May to customers eating & drinking in the venue. On the 21st of June the show will culminate in the downstairs bar for one week.

REBOOT is supported with funding from Leeds Inspired, part of Leeds City Council.