The Light Project - an exhibition of photography & graphics by Ewa Leszczynska

TheLightsProject 04

Opening night: November 7th 2018 from 6pm

The Light Project

Growing up in the rural area of Kuyavia District, Poland, defined not only my character but also the way I see the world as an artist. Open spaces, wide horizons, no streets, no street lights, just pitch black nights filled with quiet stars. Emptiness with depth. A depth that with time filled me with thoughts and images of my own Space of Lights.
Quite early in my life I noticed that light is so much more than just daylight. It is a visitor, a shiny accent on a surface, a reflection from a mirror, or a warm glow from our fireplace in the living room.
As the ancient world has planted in us, light is one of the most fundamental symbols, a symbol of something greater, a source of goodness, openness, and purity. In the adult world it is essential to remember those values and to find moments in everyday life to appreciate the beauty of nature and our inner light.
With the Light Project I explore the different states of light, the many ways light changes forms and color, and how it shapes the landscape and space to reveal something we have never seen before. Light has taken me on a journey where, with its speed, I am discovering how wonderful it is to travel light...
At some point we all are searching for light in our life. This is a search that has carried me from one vision to another.

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Ewa Leszczynska, born in Poland, lives in Shipley, Yorks. Studied New Media Art and Creative Media. Currently, Ph.D. at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland where supervised by Professor Piotr Smolnicki studies the artistic nature of the light. Constantly travels between Shipley and Warsaw exploring the space from the distance as close as she can. The great inspiration finds in travel and Nature exploration. Always with the camera.