It’s Pretty Good This - Illustration Exhibition

Pretty Good exhibition leeds

Illustration, print collage and more from BA Illustration students at Leeds Arts University.

Aimee Wright - A documentation of a bird spotted on a walk, taken down to a simplified form using gouache. My intention was to focus on a balance between negative and positive space, only incorporating the information needed to retain a sense of unique identity and character. The piece is a celebration of the perfect imperfections created by analogue medium, which help indicate the hand of the maker.

LT1 exhibition leeds

Liv Talbot - These drawings are centred around dogs, strong gals, and other things that please and inspire me. Expect sweary feminist art, watercolour, gouache and honesty.

Abbie Mooney - This piece is a personal ode to the importance of self-care and about being mindful to one another. My practice is focused on play and character, but type often features to explore more meaningful messages. This print encourages us to be mindful of what may be happening to the people around us, that we may not be able to see.

exhibition leeds

Hollie Fuller - This piece is taken from a personal project exploring character, movement and repetition. My practice often focuses on naivety and humour through character and shape.

AF3 exhibition leeds

Alex Fox - Through hand-made collage and paper-cut, this triptych explores the analogue processes of Delia Derbyshire’s music-making. Inspired by Derbyshire’s splicing tape of ‘found’ sounds, these images incorporate continuous line with mixing-desk motifs and noisy vehicles.

Amy Lea - Through trust of impulse, instinct and the arrangement of shape and patterns, this piece celebrates how an exploration of space and shape without preparation or precaution can lead to a playful outcome.

Jack Grieve - Dancing noisey people’s smiling faces enjoying the space.

Megan Dobbyn - In my work I’m inspired by natural forms and how I can express this through shape and texture in a dynamic and contemporary manner

Alice CC - This series spans from an interest in the aesthetic of swimming. The forms created in the interplay between people. Water lends itself to limited colour palette, textured work and, in the artist’s opinion, some, groovy, wavy lines.

Meghan Armitage - Spooky, chilling and unnerving are just a few ways to describe the faces of Jack-o’-lanterns seen on doorsteps during this time of year. This piece is an exploration of the varying shapes of pumpkins and their enchanting cut-out faces.

KA exhibition leeds

Kitty Appleton - This piece was created to be quite playful and have a childlike nature. One layer is structured and has recognisable images, each placed with intent. The other is in complete contrast; chaotic and urgent.

Lucy Scott - These wall hangings were made with intention of bringing attention to the wonder that is Springtime. Spring brings the colours, scents, and plant life which we have missed so much throughout the long Winter, which is why it feels so magic to me. I have shed light on some of my favourite moments of Spring through this piece; such as the first crocus or daffodil peeking up through the soil, or a bee looking for a blossomed flower to pollinate. As I am so passionate about the environment, I try to be conscious of the work I make and it’s impact on our precious planet within my creative practice. This is why I designed the wall hangings to be multifunctional, meaning they can simply be hung on a wall, worn as a scarf, or even used as a wrap for gifts - with the intention of being re-used and passed on.