ORBS is pleased to showcase some of Leeds great arty talent, as part of our ‘Multiply’ arts competition!

To continue to promote creativity during lockdown, the team at ORBS have put together a series of opportunities across a range of artforms.

Whilst we can’t have our usual exhibitions at the Bus Station, we have moved temporarily online and are pleased to showcase our first project: our competition ‘Multiply’.

With a call out for artists to design a slip mat, cassette inlays and CDJ / turntable skin, we asked artists to respond to the theme 'multiply' to speak out visually about their experiences of the pandemic, this project is part of our Save Old Red campaign.

We received some amazing submissions. With 20 entries and a very high standard of work, we were faced with a real challenge to choose an overall winner. In the end we chose two: Beth Land and Shiraaz Ali. Their submissions were really thoughtful responses to the brief, beautifully executed, we felt that we really connected to what they are saying in their work about the current situation.

We will be printing their designs onto slip mats to feature on our online DJ tournament in February, we will also be printing them as T-shirts which will be available soon on our online shop along with some of the other designs with all proceeds helping our fight for survival.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who took part. We were so happy to read artists' comments about how much ORBS means to them and how much they enjoyed taking part and creating work for the brief.

The two winners will both receive a solo show and we decided as the submissions were so amazing, to have a group exhibition with 6 of our favourite runners up. We’ll be selecting some of our favourite other designs to print too.

 You can see 15 of our favourite designs submissions here.

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