Freshers 2018 at The Old Red Bus Station

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Freshers is definitely in full swing and we've got plenty happening across both the bar and venue over the next couple of weeks, from funk to DnB and Big Beats to Bass, take a look at who's joining us over the first 2 weeks of freshers.

Tues 25/09: Hot Sauce Freshers Party

Weds 26/09: More Than Soul

Thurs 27/09 (Bar): The Big Beat Manifesto - Fatboy Slim vs The Chemical Brothers

Thurs 27/09 (Venue): Panda Riot: Leeds Fresher's Funkland

Fri 28/09 (Bar): Vision State - Fluidity, Monrroe

Fri 28/09 (Venue): The Big Freshers Sesh

Sat 29/09 (Bar): Semi-Detached

Sat 29/09 (Venue): Bare Bones

Tues 02/10: Freshers Open Decks at ORBS

Fri 05/10 (Bar): License To Jungle invites Outer Heaven, Law & Wheeler

Fri 05/10 (Venue): Summit 3 w/ BCee & Unglued

Sat 06/10 (Full Venue): The Rabbit Hole: Garden of Eden